Full Name(s)
What is your occupation:
Street Address:
town or city
Postal code/zip code
Phone number:
Email Address:
Please tell me why you want a Bloodhound
Do you own your home? do you rent? what type of home to you live in? Please describe your property. neighbors.
Do you have a fully secured fenced in yard (wood, chain link or small pagewire) that is secure to keep your bloodhound safe.
Have you owned a bloodhound before?
what other dog breeds have you owned
Have you done alot of research about bloodhounds? what do you feel will be most challenging for you as a new owner?
What sex of puppy are you looking for? Male
how would you describe your lifestyle? How many hours a day are you away from the home?
Where will this dog live?
Do you believe in Crate training? where will the dog be kept when you are away from home
What will be the off limit areas in your home.
Are you willing to attend a basic obedience class with your new puppy as required?
What type of activities will you be doing with this puppy?
I am sure you have read that bloodhounds should never be off lead. Please tell me your thoughts on this subject.
What type of personality are you looking for in your puppy? what are your expectations
Do all family members agree to the purchase of this puppy?
Please list all other family members in the houshold. Please include ages of children. Please list all other pets in spicifics (breed/age)
DO you understand that my responsibility as the breeder of a puppy continues throughout the life of a puppy. If something should happen and you can no longer care for the puppy it must be returned to me unless I approve of the new home?
Are you mentally and finacially preparred for a new puppy? High quality food can cost 120.00 or more per month? When puppies are growing they consume triple the amount a full sized adult will. there is vet care to consider as well as the possibility of emergency vet care
What are your thoughts/ethics about dogs in general. if a dog requires expensive surgery would you rather euthanize the dog?
are you willing to sign and adhere to a contract pertaining to the sale of the puppy . that inclues but is not limited to -breeding restrictions - dog must come back to breeder in the even that you ca no longer keep the dog - breeder must be kept up to date on any health or behaviour issues -
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application if you do not hear from me within three business days please call me at 705-923-2678

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