We do not take deposits before families are fully screened nor do  we take deposits before puppies are born . I do not feel it is right to hold onto peoples money on a whim nor would I want someone to go through the motions and follow through with getting a puppy they may be having second thoughts on because they don’t want to lose a deposit .When we have a litter of Puppies it is not first come first serve . No puppies are ever designated to certain families until they have been Seen by our vet at 7 weeks then assessed and evaluated by myself and other comrades in the breed. It is crucial to match puppies with the proper homes. Not all puppies are destined for the same type of home . 
Puppy Application
Buying a dog is a lifetime commitment . Buying a dog from a responsible breeder is a lifetime relationship . Please be advised that not all breeders are reputable. Not all breeders perform health clearances . Price doesn’t always reflect quality please visit the link. Please ask for proof of health clearances from breeders who do not list them on their websites.
our puppies are 2000 they are sold on contract ,  registered/ chipped with the Canadian Kennel Club .