Foreign objects and blockages 


There are many Breeds that can be prone to eating things not meant to be eaten . Bloodhounds can be known as “ Garburators” although some stories can be funny . There are also some other stories that have very sad endings. Bloodhounds are extremely cent driven , they are a dog attached to a nose . They are curious by nature and sometimes their curiosity can get the best of them .


Over the years I have heard of many bloodhounds that have eaten ; socks, Rocks, mulch , sticks , towels, blankets , stuffing, toys , tennis balls, plastic , 

see some examples of things eaten by dogs here  Dogs who ate unbelievable things


The first signs that your dog may have eaten something is usually loss of appetite , vomiting and diarrhoea. Typically once they have a blockage they cannot hold water or food down. Which is why it is so important to always investigate the cause of vomiting  and diarrhoea.