Buyer Beware responsible breeder vs Puppy supplier

I truly hope you take the time to read this page . I feel it’s one of the most important things you will read as a potential bloodhound puppy owner. I apologize it may be long but I feel the information is extremely important as many people truly don’t know this information .


In starting I want to say that everyone has heard the terms backyard breeder or puppymill. I think these terms do not cover all scenarios . We know what a puppymill is , but a backyard breeder ? Doesn’t sound so bad to some that think they just want a pet. .  But let me ask you ,do you want a healthy pet ? No one ever says no to this question but why do so many not research before they buy? There no magical wand or magical guarantee to ensure a long healthy life of a dog . Genetics and environment play a role in predictability of this outcome . And what is a health guarantee ? I will get into that later .

Its takes more than taking good care of your dogs to be a responsible breeder . It’s takes more than a 1 year health guarantee to produce healthy dogs . It’s takes a lot more than knowing both the sire and dam to predict the outcome of a breeding . Someone can take good care of their animals , sell to what they feel is approved homes on contract , give a health guarantee and still be doing a big disservice to the breed by breeding incorrectly .  And sadly the new puppy owners sometimes suffer the consequences .

first off the written breed standard is essentially the blueprint to the bloodhound. It describes in detail exactly how the dog is supposed to look , move and temperament it should have . The breed standard also describes the dog for the original purpose it was created for.  Understanding the breed standard is paramount to breeding. Just as important as rolling the blue print when building a home , you must follow proper codes , use correct materials and have the skills to do so. Breeding dogs isn similar but we are dealing with living breathing companions and our judgements can be clouded by our hearts .

you must be aware that the recommended health clearances for bloodhounds in almost every national club is ;Cardiac , Hips , elbows , eye certification , DM and possibly thyroid . All breeding dogs should be tested ! There are only 3 reasons why a breeder won’t do health clearances 

1. They don’t care to know what they have they think they can tell by looking at the dog 

2. They don’t want to spend the money 

3. But the biggest reason is because potential buyers don’t ask or demand them when searching for a puppy 


So many people do not see the value in showing because they simply want a pet . I want to explain the value of showing so that even if you never step foot in a ring you will understand why it’s important . First off showing is simple . The purpose of showing is judging dogs against the written breed standard ; breed type , structure ,movement ,temperament and performance . The original purpose was to evaluate breed stock because even though many of us understand the breed standard we have different interpretations and when emotions are tied to an animal we cannot always be the best ones to critique our own dogs. We don’t win money showing , it’s a huge expense so easy to see why so many don’t want to participate especially when it holds no merit to buyers and cuts into the breeders profit .  With dog shows also comes national breed clubs . The Canadian bloodhound club consists of members who all follow a code of ethics. The national club holds the breed standard . We also fundraiser for rescue , health research and always look out for the best interest of the breed as a whole .


having mentors in the breed is so important . The most important and interesting things to learn about bloodhounds is from old time breeders . Knowledge of kennels, pedigrees health issues , breeding practices and breed history . There are many things google and books cannot tell us. Good Breed mentors are the cornerstone to any successful breeding program in any breed . 

People who are actively breeding and do not get involved with breed clubs  shows or working trials should put up a very big red flag for any buyer . It clearly shows lack of wanting to learn , lack of giving back to the breed itself and shows that they are only in it for the money . If they aren’t than why is a CKC registered puppy from a line of no champions with no health clearances on the parents or even in the pedigree only a couple hundred dollars less ? Now with Covid I have seen poor quality pups and even mixes for up to 500$ more than what I charge .

would you pay a couple hundred dollars less for an uncertified vehicle with no warranty or past history on the vehicle ? I’d hope not .and a puppy is not even comparable to a car . The bond between man and dog is like no other , this potential puppy will be a family member that will hopefully live a long and wonderful life and even decades after they are gone they will be fondly remembered and missed . So why do so many buyers not research properly ? I am all for rescue but I am so frustrated with people paying top dollar for puppies that were bred without much thought or care . 

health clearances cost 

ofa xrays of hips and elbows - 325$ 

fee to submit to OFA which is a public database -40$ 

cardiac clearances auscultation 50-85$ 

cardiac echocardiogram if needed 300$

eye certification 40-65 $ 

dm test 25-80$ 


so realistically the price of one puppy pays for these tests on nearly both parents . Wake up people there is no good reason why they aren’t done especially when the breeders are producing 2-5 litters per year! 

designating puppies to owners before 7 weeks is a huge red flag ! Any breeder doing so is doing a disservice to the owners and to themselves . Puppies need to be studied and evaluated and placed accordingly to the owners needs expectations and lifestyle . The temperament of each puppy is unique and each puppy will have physical and mental strengths and weaknesses . All should be considered and the breeder should match each puppy and buyer.  It should not be who sends their deposit in first ! I rarely even take deposits . And I am not comfortable designating a puppy to an owner until the puppy have been evaluated and seen by my vet . 

knowledge of pedigrees is just as important as health tests . The reason my dogs have passed their tests isn’t based on luck , it’s the breeders before me who tested , bred the best dogs to go forward with and well documented health issues . Breeders from the late 80’s excluded many dogs in breeding programs due to insufficient health certification. Dogs who didn’t pass weren’t bred. Dogs with sligh variations in tests results were not bred to a dog with the same issue. It certainly takes many breeders to keep a breed going .


Let’s talk health guarantees . But now knowing the above information does it not seem like a 1 year health guarantee may be an empty promise?  Although certain genetic health condition can emerge before 1 year of age many many others can surface after 12months.  When certifying hips and elbows OFA will not even give a final grade or rating on hips and elbows until after 24 months !  And does it not seem odd for someone to give a health guarantee on puppies when they have never tested their breeding stock nor was the ancestors of their breeding dogs tested ? Also if someone has no knowledge of past ancestors how can they know what genetic issue may arise in their puppies? 

here is a good article on health guarantees Health guarantee


my last thoughts for you is this , what kind of breeder do you want to support? What kind of breeder do you want lifetime support from .? Someone knowledgeable ? Someone that utilizes the tools available to make every effort at producing healthy dogs ? Someone that is involved in the breed and gives back to the breed by support health research , rescue and taking th time and money to show their dogs ? 

one of the biggest misunderstandings is that people who show want all their puppies shown . Not true many of mine have gone to wonderful companion homes many possessed the quality to be shown but it’s not a requirement .