Breeding Goals at Boru

My breeding Goals are large and my Standards are high.  I have such a tremendous Passion and respect for the Bloodhound breed. The goal to my breeding program is to preserve and improve the bloodhound breed. To Breed for; Temperament, Health, Type,  and Genetic integrity. 


I believe a Bloodhound isn't a Bloodhound without the correct temperament.  It's more in depth than simply just a friendly hound. Temperament is extremely important to me  because wether the dog is on the trail, on the couch or in the ring "you" have to live with him/her.  The Bloodhound should friendly and confident.  I demand that my dogs respect all other animals big/small. I think it's important for a bloodhound to have a rock solid temperament . Fear of nothing and confidence / trust in the world.   a bloodhound should not be hiper, but should possess eagerness to work  and the mental stamina to be a thinker.  You would not believe the personality traits that are passed down to puppies even when they are raised completely different.  I am Often complimented by people on the temperments of my dogs.  Although a lot of work  goes into molding their behavior the temperament is responsible for what you see. Remember; You can change behavior , but you can never change temperament.


I think it is very important to breed Healthy dogs without loosing sight of the whole picture. As a breeder you are constantly "rolling the Dice"  with every breeding although you may have every health clearance on the parents it is never guarantees you will have perfectly healthy offspring.  In the last 20 years there have been many advancements in science regarding many  breeds. There is constantly new data published and new Genetic tests coming out. Health clearances are "Tools" they allow us to make more educated breeding choices.  The currently suggested tests for the bloodhound Breed are

Cardiac- checked by canine Cardiologist  can be done at 12 + months
Hips/Elbows -   to be xrayed spicifically  by OFA standards and sent in to OFA for evaluation ( can only be certified at 2 years and up)
Eyes-  Should be checked for PPM, Ectropian and Intropian .
Degenerative Mylopathy - DNA test to avoid producng dogs at risk for DM
Thyroid- would be wise to check if you have symptoms although thyroid issues are nt as common as they are in other breeds

I think it is important to use these tests in a breeding program. Not all dogs will pass every test and it is up to the idividual what failed results they are willing to breed and try to move forward with or rectify. but any breeder who does not test at all , does not care about health.  It is important for puppy buyers to ask proof of these tests and be aware of the health of the parents of their potential puppy.  OFA is about not breeding blindly and about collecting Data so we ay learn more about health. Testing dogs not only give a clearer picture of ones breeding program but may help others in the years to come.

Besides OFA and these standard test one has to assess the dog in general. Skin issues, ear problems, dental isues,  Bloat , allergies, Longevity are just some of the other factor to consider.

Breed Type

Does it look like a Bloodhound? when you read the bloodhound standard does it describe the dog sitting in front of you? The Bloodhound is a "head breed"  the single most distinguising feature is the head! Looking at the standard the most written emphasis is on the head. You can place the bloodhound head on several other breeds bodies and it can still be recognized as a bloodhound however do the opposite, not so!   The Bloodhound should have a long narrow head where Nobility is stamped all over the expression. It should look dignified and possess the heavy flews headpiece and dewlap. The body is very important as well. The dog should be longer than it is tall. With heavy bone well knuckled feet and proper balace of angles in front and rear.

Genetic integrity

I believe in breeding for consistantcy in the above mentioned aspects. I do believe that line breeding is important as well as outcrossing. I think it is important to have as much data possible on all ancetors.


Placement is crutial. Our goal is to always keep the very best for ourselves, occassionally selectively placing outstanding puppies in show homes where we retain breeding rights.  It is very important to make sure our line does not leave our hands and our dogs are not improperly bred by others. Therefore we rarely do any outside breedings offering our males for stud.


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