Life with Bloodhounds , a Dream come true or a Total NIghtmare? Read and Decide


Screening potential buyers can be difficult.  You can sometimes tell how bad folks want a puppy , but sometimes they have no idea what they are in for. You'll read things on the internet welsewhere that may not address all the aspects in owning a bloodhound.

I often start out by asking " why do you want a bloodhound" ?

the Classic answer is  " they are loving and loyal dogs good family pets"

Is this True or False? I will let you decide. once you have read through this page.

What you first have to ask yourself when considering any breed is ; "what are they for"?

The Bloodhound is the best and oldest scent hound. perfectly molded and bred for this purpose. they are a dog attached to a nose. A Dog  that leads its master (wether they follow or not)  to the end of the trail!  so it is not like some breeds that really work in conjuction with their humans.

-These are not "lay on the porch dogs"  Bloodhounds are quite active and puppies can be quite Onery. A bored bloodhound can be a destructive bloodhound. Bloodhound must be challenged mentally and physically and must have consistant owners.

-These are not push button dogs. They can be stubborn and smart enough to decided if they really want to you what you just asked of them. They are thinkiners and sometimes schemers!

The mess

Many bloodhounds owners reffer to BB  and AB . Life Before Bloodhound and life After Bloodhound. Love a clean house?
well now you will have to work twice as hard to keep it that way!  Think this can be helped by keeping them outdoors? NO Bloodhounds must be :"both indoors and outdoor dogs" these dogs thrive being with their people and I will not place a dog who is not a part of the family home.

Bloodhounds shed quite a bit, Their slobber and any excess water is flung all over a room with the shake of its head. . it's just harder to keep surfaces clean. Their nose gets them in all kinds of trouble. Counter surfing, dumpster diving, and electronic destroying.

Conisder a Bloodhound is 5ft tall standing on their hind legs..... they can reach almost everything  you can. You will quickly learn to elevated Garbages, laundry baskets and properly store remotes and game controller. Men's ball caps, shoes and and food stuff..

You become a Air freshner / household cleaner Guru, . you learn that with so much wiping you may be painting baseboards every other year. You'll learn hardwood floor is just going to have the "stressed" look.. You will never have a bed or couch to yourself to stretch out on ever again. Fetal position is the only way you will fit.. You might be thinking... NO way , I would train my dog to sleep on its bed, and not to be on the furniture.. Bloodhounds just tend to have a way with persistance  and may wear down a person who is not as stubborn as they are.

Home alone?

I suggest that all my puppy buyers crate train their dogs. An unattended bloodhounds can cause much  damage. During early puppy hood they can be very good.... its during adolensence that I recieve phonecalls about " chewed baseboards,  chewed furniture and crime scenes.  Dont give a bloodhound too much freedom being loose at a young age. There is just too much that can go wrong. I have had people leaving windows open and comes home to a busted screen and a missing dog!  They are oppertunists, and they will test boundaries over and over.  Another issue can be barking, Bloodhounds are not great guard dogs.... but they  can be town cryers .... announcing everything they see. Consider your neighbours  I would be relunctant to leave a bloodhound loose in a fenced in yard ( when gone for the day) without electric fence .  They can be climbers and diggers. I have even heard of some who take of fence boards.

Your yard

Must be fenced.  A bloodhound may dig, it may become a great tree pruner!  Might become a beaver and chew your deck. You may see christmas in july when stuffed toys are gutted all over the yard, white stuffing everywhere!

you start to consider different things in life. Not what is always your taste... but what is bloodhound proof. I rarely wear white anymore.  To me all floors should be heavy non slip vinyl or ceramic tile. . Like nice sports car? you'll be dreaming of an SUV or mini van.

With children

Bloodhounds can be great with children provided they are properly exposed to them and they learn to be calm around kids. the trouble is an excited bloodhound accidentally knocking over a child with a hip check or swing of the head. Children must be taught to be another pack leader and be equally consistant wih the bloodhound as far as boundaries rules and limitations.

Loyal? well I thought Jereth loved to  me and was so attached until he went to Austria for a week to attend the world dog show, He makes friends easily and I believe he would go home with pretty much anyone. 

Like having company? well lets hope they liked to be slobbered  and jumped on by your 120 lb bloodhound!  Harder to find a baby sitter for your Bloodhound and all their "special needs"

Like going to camp ? remember these dogs cannot be off lead ! unles your camp is on a small island? 

I used to have a standard poodle. Only had to say things once with charlie..... could ride my bike and have him follow beside me without a leash. IF  you have ha a dog that did whatever you asked,  Be prepared that if you get a bloodhound it will be very different. Eventually they do settle and with consistancy and work they can become very well trained but in my experience it takes until they are 4.

Bloodhounds  have changed my expectations in dogs, they seem so untrained compared to some of the dogs I get in my grooming shop . But when I go to SPecialty shows I'm always complimented on how well bahaved and trained my bloodhounds are!

They really do change your life , But the bug-a-boos I mentioned aren't a big deal. You learn not to sweat the small stuff... and your love your blodhound. They capture your heart and soul, and they make it all worth it. Just like kids. I cannot imagine being without a bloodhound for the remainder of my life, They are a treasure and I love them more than anyone could imagine BUT I KNOW NOT EVERYONE WOULD..